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Success Stories

A selection of the testimonial emails and messages from our students

"Just wanted to let you know, that I passed my case study exam by securing 59 marks. I can say this without a shadow of a doubt that it wouldn't have been possible without your help, support and teaching. Special thanks to Sarah for keeping up with my admin issues and making sure that it all works out for me in the end given I was in United States. And Neil, I can put my money on the fact that none of the other tutors have such an amazing and exam focused course structure as you do so thanks a lot."


"Very engaging and well taught"


"Passed Case! Very happy and grateful for your support and advice. I really struggled with the timing element of this exam, but having Neal's structured approach to the questions really helped me to keep focused and just get on with it! Almost a 20% increase in marks, from 48% to 67%!! Thanks a lot!"


"I PASSED!!  Thank you so much! The money I invested in this course was so worth it and the process you have created is faultless. I cannot tell you how helpful I found all the sessions especially as I think anxiety of the day has prevented me from advancing in the past and this was explored so thoroughly! A million thank you's!"


"This was the most structured study course I have attended. Be prepared to work really hard and stick to the study plan prepared by the EOS team and this exam is achievable. Thank you soooooooooo much for all your help and support even up to the day before the exam, passing this exam is the best feeling ever!!!"


"I'm so glad I decided to learn with EOS (even though it was my first time taking case), on top of my Kaplan training - this is something I recommend to everyone. "


"I passed the other 14 ACA papers with no problem (average of 83%) and then got a very low score in Case so I was devastated. I realise now that I just was not prepared properly but after using Neil's prep I knew what to do to get the marks and felt really confident on the exam day"


“I passed with a score of 70 which is 31 grades higher than my previous attempt of 39.”


"I came to the masterclass feeling like i knew the case, but left with a thorough knowledge and understanding of all the key issues and a confident approach to planning (something that my other tuition provider lacked focus around)."


"After two fails I was beginning to despair but the 1:1 tuition from George definitely went a long way towards me getting a better mark – 68%."


"I did the full set of online practise requirements from Eos, and they really helped prepare me for the exam. I felt much more prepared for a wider variety of scenarios this time, which was reflected in my mark (69, my 4th attempt)"


“I will always recommend EOS to my colleagues.”

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