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26 October 2018

Using your Mock Exam results

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Mock Exam season continues... right now you should be in the honing your technique stage of your Case Study preparation. You understand the AI, you know what a passing script looks like - how will you ensure this is what you produce on 7 November?

When you receive Mock Exam results don't just check the final mark and move on to the next one - this isn't as straightforward as it seems anyway (see our earlier blog). You need to spend time reviewing what you did well, seeing where you need to improve and understanding how you can improve.

Think about:

  • Timing: Can you complete each element in the time allowed? If not, what do you need to be quicker at?
  • Technique: Are you confident in building efficient appendices and concise paragraphs? Do you know how to use your planning to write enough, but not too much?
  • Content: Is there anything that was in the marking key that you didn't cover? How will you make sure you identify and answer all elements of the question?

Finally, don't underestimate the pressure of exam day. What strategies will put in place to help keep you calm, keep you focused? Practising with these now will make them familiar on exam day and you can get into your process to get the job done.

Pass Assist

Our Pass Assist material is available to all now and includes:

  • AI Analysis material
    • FSA, AI notes, Business Issues, SWOT, Porter's, PESTLE
  • 3 x BM Mock Exams
    • Exam paper, illustrative planning sheets, illustrative answer, marking key
  • 2 x Masterclass videos
    • AI Masterclass - check your AI preparation using our classroom exercises
    • Exam Technique Masterclass - Neil shows you step by step how to answer the Case Study exam, using BM Mock Exam 1