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BM marking front page blog

Using your Mock Exam results

26 October 2018

You understand the AI, you know what a passing script looks like – how will you ensure this is what you produce on 7 November?

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Marking key

Interpreting your Mock Exam results

19 October 2018

You’ve done the work, you’ve submitted your script, your marking key has been returned – what now?

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Business news for the Case Study exam

15 October 2018

Each new Advance Information document changes how we watch the news, and Bespoke Monogramming is no exception. Read about the two news stories that have caught our eye recently.

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BM 8 FSA themes Blog

8 BM Financial Statement Themes

7 October 2018

In our Bespoke Monogramming AI Masterclass we identified 8 themes in the numbers. Does your AI preparation cover them all?

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Pass blog

How to pass the Case Study in <100 words

19 September 2018

All you need to know about writing a passing script for the ICAEW Case Study exam.

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Neil at CAH2(blog)

Failed Sequin? Here’s what to do now.

4 September 2018

Have you read the ICAEW Case Study Examiners’ report on the July 2018 exam, Sequin Cinemas? Whether you are sitting Case Study for the first time or failed Sequin, it is full of useful information about what the examiners are looking for you to do, and not to do. We have summarised the key points for you, and shown those of you who were unsuccessful in July what to do next.

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Satisfied blog post

Thank you Sequin students, and we are ready for you November Students!

31 July 2018

A huge THANK YOU must be said to all our July Case Study students for your positive participation in our classes and forums. Spread the word – November tuition is open for booking.

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Prioritise Self blog

Stress and resiliency

10 July 2018

We’re in the final weeks of ICAEW Case Study exam preparation, and your stress levels will be high. Successful Case Study students are the ones who prioritise themselves – can you be strong enough to do this?

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Sequin advanced information document

Sequin Cinemas… the countdown to Case Study Exam day begins

12 June 2018

ICAEW have released the July 2018 Advance Information (AI) and the countdown to exam day is on. For the next 6 weeks you are Leo Malcolm, employed by Kendall & Vincent (KV), advising your client Sequin Cinemas Ltd, a company operating a chain of cinemas in the UK.

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ICAEW Case Study Masterclasses

18 May 2018

Our popular Saturday Case Study Masterclasses are top up tuition for students who have another ACA tutor or are comfortable with self-study, but want support from our unrivalled Case Study expert. Join Neil in London, or get the videos for his unique insights.

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