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november 2016

Neil’s Reaction: TT Examiners’ Report, and What Next?

20 December 2016

Have you read the ICAEW Case Study Examiners’ report on the November 2016 exam, True Taste? Neil has summarised the key points for you, and shows those of you who were unsuccessful in November what to do next.

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True Taste Results Day

16 December 2016

With the majority of our students on their 2nd+ attempt, our 2016 pass rate is a huge 23% points higher than the ICAEW equivalent. 100% of our classroom students said they’d recommend us to a friend, and our students are 40% more likely to pass than an average ICAEW student. If you didn’t get the news you were hoping for, get in touch to find out how we can help you.

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Countdown to True Taste Results!

14 December 2016

The True Taste ICAEW Case Study results day is nearly here! We’ll be with you on 16 December, please let us know how you got on.

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Thank you November students!

23 November 2016

A massive THANK YOU to all our November Case Study students – your active participation in our classes and on our web forums is what makes them such a positive learning experience. We are delighted to maintain our 100% Student Recommendation record. If you made use of any of our online programmes or videos please send us your feedback.

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Neil’s Reaction: True Taste Exam Paper

11 November 2016

Some of you have been in touch to ask Neil’s thoughts on the True Taste Case Study exam, particularly the time pressure. Here’s his take on the exam, which we’ve also sent to ICAEW.

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True Taste is over… how to survive the next 5.5 weeks

9 November 2016

Some people are able to walk out of an exam hall, drop their notes in a bin and head back to their non-study life without looking back. If it’s not that easy for you, read our advice about what to do now.

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Making friends with your Case Study marker

2 November 2016

ICAEW Case Study markers have a tough job. After 2 days of intensive training, they take home a box of scripts and the responsibility to show how each of these has met the requirements of the Case Study exam. Use our tips to help your marker award you marks.

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Mock Exam 3 available and a note about exam stress

28 October 2016

Continuing our Mock Exam filled week, Mock Exam 3 is now available online. We know that exam stress levels are on the rise, so take a look at the resources we’ve identified from CABA aimed at helping ICAEW students in their exam preparation.

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Getting the most out of Mock Exams

27 October 2016

We have well and truly entered the practice phase of revision, with True Taste Mock Exam scripts flying in and out of the Training-by-Eos office. Available as part of our Pass Assist material as well as the programmes already in full swing, take a look at our tips on how to get the most out of Mock Exam practice.

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True Taste Mock 2 online now

21 October 2016

Download True Taste Mock Exam 2 today & complete this high quality exam over the weekend. Not already benefiting from our tuition? Find out more about Pass Assist; online TT Case Study material and videos produced by the ex-ICAEW Senior Examiner.

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