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November 2014

Neil’s Reaction: Rolling Stores Examiners’ Report

18 December 2014

Have you read the ICAEW Case Study Examiners’ report on the November 2014 exam, Rolling Stores? It is full of useful information about what the examiners are looking for you to do, and not to do. Neil has summarised the key points here for you.

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An 89% pass rate for 2014!

12 December 2014

Huge CONGRATULATIONS to all our students who passed the ICAEW Rolling Stores Case Study exam today. All our July 2015 Case Study tuition programmes are now open for booking; find out more here.

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Countdown to Rolling Stores Results

10 December 2014

The Rolling Stores ICAEW Case Study results day is nearly here! We would love to hear how you got on. So, whether you attended the Tuition Service or Masterclasses, made use of our online material or simply followed this blog – get in touch on Friday!

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Neil’s Reaction: Rolling Stores Exam

7 November 2014

Find out what Neil Russell, ex-ICAEW Case Study Senior Examiner and our Programme Director, thought of the November 2014 Rolling Stores Case Study Exam.

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RS is Finished! How to survive the next 5.5 weeks…

5 November 2014

You’ve been working towards this moment for weeks. Now it is all over, so how are you feeling? Take a look at our tips on how to deal with post-exam worries

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Neil’s Tip: Sensitivity Analysis

30 October 2014

How comfortable are you with Sensitivity Analysis? Will you know if you need to do it in the exam? Take a look at Neil’s Tip on how to practise the different types, and how to approach this in the Rolling Stores exam.

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RS Logistics newsletter

29 October 2014

The latest LogisticsHandling.com newsletter popped into the inbox at Training-by-Eos today. Find out which articles we think Ellis Codie should read.

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Freight Transport Association

23 October 2014

Have you discovered the Freight Transport Association (FTA) website yet? There is a wealth of information there, including a huge 96 page Logistics Report 2014. Take a look at the points that caught our eye in relation to RS.

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Neil’s Tips: RS Strategic Analysis

22 October 2014

In the exam you will be expected to show that you understand RS’s strategy, and how possible changes to it would affect its financial performance. Find out how to prepare for this requirement.

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Neil’s Tips: RS Financial Data Analysis

17 October 2014

In the November Case Study exam, you may will have to analyse a transaction that RS is considering in order to develop its business. Which data tool will you use, and how should you apply it?

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