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Using your Mock Exam results

26 October 2018

You understand the AI, you know what a passing script looks like – how will you ensure this is what you produce on 7 November?

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Interpreting your Mock Exam results

19 October 2018

You’ve done the work, you’ve submitted your script, your marking key has been returned – what now?

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The essentials of Case Study script presentation

18 October 2018

8 essentials of presenting your ICAEW Case Study exam script. Practise now, ready for 7 November.

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Business news for the Case Study exam

15 October 2018

Each new Advance Information document changes how we watch the news, and Bespoke Monogramming is no exception. Read about the two news stories that have caught our eye recently.

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BM Exam Technique Video online

14 October 2018

BM Exam Technique Masterclass videos are available now – Neil shows you how to pass the Case Study using our first BM Mock Exam.

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Stress and resiliency

10 July 2018

We’re in the final weeks of ICAEW Case Study exam preparation, and your stress levels will be high. Successful Case Study students are the ones who prioritise themselves – can you be strong enough to do this?

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Sequin Mock 2 available now

5 July 2018

Sequin Mock 2 is available to download now. Remember your practice should be purposeful; what do you want to learn from this exam?

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Own the process to pass

4 July 2018

Neil is allowed 2 sporting analogies per session; here is the first one for the ICAEW Sequin Case Study. Even if you’re bored to tears of the World Cup, read more about how important having a process is to passing your exam.

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Sequin Exam Technique Masterclass Video Available

30 June 2018

Our Sequin Exam Technique Masterclass video is available online now – log in to watch Neil walk through Mock Exam 1. Immediate access is available when you buy.

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Sequin Appendix 1 – will you be ready?

28 June 2018

How will you present Appendix 1 in the Sequin exam? Making these decisions now, rather than on exam day, can be the difference between passing and failing.

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