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July 2016

Case Study Mocks – Will you be benefiting from the best?

9 September 2016

Mock Exams are a key part of any ICAEW Case Study preparation course, but we know it is the quality of these exams and the effort put in to preparing, sitting and reviewing your work that is important, not the quantity of exams you sit. Find out how you can use Neil’s Examiner expertise to prepare for the November exam.

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The importance of Planning in the Case Study exam

5 September 2016

As the emails we’ve been receiving over the last 10 days show, planning in the exam is often the difference between passing and failing. Find out how you can benefit from Neil’s proven process and pass the Case Study in November.

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Analysing your Bux performance

2 September 2016

Whether you failed Bux or are sitting Case Study for the first time in November, get you started with your preparation using this free guidance from Neil on how to analyse your performance.

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Neil’s Reaction: Bux Examiners’ Report

1 September 2016

Have you read the ICAEW Case Study Examiners’ report on the July 2016 exam, Bux? Whether you are sitting Case Study for the first time or failed Bux, it is full of useful information about what the examiners are looking for you to do, and not to do. Neil has summarised the key points for you here.

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An 88% pass rate for Bux (July 2016)

26 August 2016

Huge CONGRATULATIONS to all our students who passed the ICAEW Bux Case Study exam today. We’re delighted with our pass rate of 88%, 25% points higher than the ICAEW equivalent. In addition, 100% of our first attempt students passed. Our November Tuition is open for booking now.

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Countdown to Bux results

24 August 2016

The Bux ICAEW Case Study results day is nearly here! We would love to hear how you got on. So, whether you came to classes, used our online videos and material or simply followed this blog – get in touch on Friday!

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Thank you July students – and we’re ready for you November students!

3 August 2016

A massive THANK YOU to all our July Case Study students – your active participation is what makes our tuition a positive learning experience. We’re delighted to maintain our 100% Student Recommendation record, and November tuition programmes are open for booking NOW.

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Neil’s Reaction… Bux Ltd Exam Paper

22 July 2016

Some of you have been in touch to ask Neil’s thoughts on the Bux Ltd Case Study exam, particularly Requirement 3. Here’s his take on the exam, which we’ve also sent to ICAEW.

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Bux is over… how to survive the next 5.5 weeks

20 July 2016

Some people are able to walk out of an exam hall, drop their notes in a bin and head back to their non-study life without looking back. If it’s not that easy for you, read our advice about what to do now.

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Almost time for Bux…

19 July 2016

It’s ICAEW exam week… stress levels are high. You have one more day before the Case Study exam, and many of you have had 2 other exams to deal with as well. Take a look at our advice for your final preparation.

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