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July 2015

Bod review

Weekend task: Analysing your Bod Ltd performance

4 September 2015

Whether you failed Bod or are sitting Case Study for the first time in November, here are some weekend tasks to get you started with your revision.

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Neil’s reaction: Bod Ltd Examiners’ Report

3 September 2015

Have you read the ICAEW Case Study Examiners’ report on the July 2015 exam, Bod Limited? Whether you are sitting Case Study for the first time or failed Bod Ltd, it is full of useful information about what the examiners are looking for you to do, and not to do. Neil has summarised the key points for you here.

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Helping YOU pass the Case Study in November

2 September 2015

This week our emails have been all about preparing for the November exam. The questions have ranged from “where did I go wrong?” to “how can you help me?” Take a look at samples of the material we’ve delivered, answers to the 3 most asked questions and a summary of the tuition we have to help YOU.

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J15 Results Day

An 85% pass rate for Bod Ltd (July 2015)

28 August 2015

Huge CONGRATULATIONS to all our students who passed the ICAEW Bod Ltd Case Study exam today. All our November 2015 Case Study tuition programmes are now open for booking; find out more here.

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J15 Results Day

Countdown to Bod Ltd Results

27 August 2015

The Bod Ltd ICAEW Case Study results day is nearly here! We would love to hear how you got on. So, whether you attended the Tuition Service or Masterclasses, made use of our online material or simply followed this blog – get in touch on Friday!

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Neil’s Reaction: Bod Ltd Exam

24 July 2015

Read Neil’s analysis of the Bod Ltd Exam Paper. This feedback is also submitted to the ICAEW, to be reviewed by the Examiners and the Assessment Committee.

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Bod Ltd is finished! How to survive the next 5.5 weeks…

23 July 2015

You’ve been working towards this moment for weeks. Now it is all over, so how are you feeling? Take a look at our tips on how to deal with post-exam worries.

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Bod Ltd – final thoughts

20 July 2015

With so little time to go, you shouldn’t be doing anything new on your Case Study preparation. Some of you have other Advanced Level exams to worry about too, so any work on Bod Ltd must be short and purposeful – reviewing and tweaking your notes and your pro-forma appendix 1 to fine tune your timing and technique.

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Appendix 1 Time Trial

14 July 2015

With its three divisions and four revenue streams, there is no doubt that Requirement 1 Appendix 1 is going to be a big challenge in the ICAEW Case Study exam on 22 July. Here we offer advice on what to include, and sticking to time.

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Bod AI

Recruitment in the News

8 July 2015

Are you keeping up with the real world recruitment news? You need to know what is happening in the market when you go into the ICAEW Case Study Bod Ltd exam on 22 July. Here are a few articles we’ve found.

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