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Business news for the Case Study exam

15 October 2018

Each new Advance Information document changes how we watch the news, and Bespoke Monogramming is no exception. Read about the two news stories that have caught our eye recently.

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R4 Business Process

9 October 2017

Can you summarise the R4 AI in 500 words? The Examiner thinks you should be able to. We’re using a diagram as part of this – download ours to give you some ideas.

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R4 Waste Collection and Recycling – the November Advance Information is here!

26 September 2017

Suddenly Wednesday 8th November seems so much closer… ICAEW have released the November 2017 Advance Information (AI) and the count down to exam day is on. Your first job is to analyse the Advance Information so you know R4 as if it were your own business.

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Neil’s ‘Imperatives’ for passing the Case Study exam

17 March 2017

Many of you are starting your Case Study preparation now, or at least planning your tuition. With his 12 years’ experience as a Senior Examiner and now in his 7th year as a tutor, Neil has developed 5 ‘Imperatives’ to passing the Case Study exam:

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Business Ethics: PwC at the Oscars

3 March 2017

OK, we just can’t ignore “envelopegate” any longer. It is too good an example of ‘business ethics’ in the Case Study exam, and the high profile nature of the mistake has meant it will be remembered for many years.

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ICAEW Tutor Conference 2017

8 February 2017

Last week we (Neil and Sarah) headed back to our old stomping ground at Chartered Accountants Hall, Moorgate for the ICAEW Tutor Conference. Take a look at what we learnt here.

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November 2016 AI Released – True Taste

27 September 2016

The November Advance Information has been released by ICAEW. For the next 6 weeks your name is Lu Tobyn, your employer is Porterfields Hunter ICAEW Chartered Accountants and your client is True Taste Limited.

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Brexit, Bux and Masterclasses

27 June 2016

It has certainly been a busy 7 days here at Training-by-Eos. We have held Bux Masterclasses, published our first Bux Mock Exam, have our Masterclass videos online… and Britain voted to leave the EU. Find out what that might mean for Bux, and how we can help you with your Case Study exam preparation.

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EU Referendum – Waterstones Jobs at Risk

15 June 2016

Here in the UK the news headlines are focused on the EU Referendum taking place on 23 June. This week James Daunt, Managing Director of bookshop chain Waterstones, made his concerns clear with an email to staff – an email every Bux employee / ICAEW Case Study Student should read.

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Going green – sustainability in publishing

11 June 2016

July 2016 ICAEW Case Study students who spend some time reading about the publishing industry in the UK will develop a good understanding of the language, drivers and pressures within that business world. Here’s how we got started.

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