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Business news for the Case Study exam

15 October 2018

Each new Advance Information document changes how we watch the news, and Bespoke Monogramming is no exception. Read about the two news stories that have caught our eye recently.

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Business Ethics: PwC at the Oscars

3 March 2017

OK, we just can’t ignore “envelopegate” any longer. It is too good an example of ‘business ethics’ in the Case Study exam, and the high profile nature of the mistake has meant it will be remembered for many years.

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Fruit juice for children – TT’s response

19 October 2016

Exhibit 14a says that fruit juice is ‘bad’ for children. Not everyone agrees – take a look at how TT can refute this argument and continue to target sales to parents for children.

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Thank you July students – and we’re ready for you November students!

3 August 2016

A massive THANK YOU to all our July Case Study students – your active participation is what makes our tuition a positive learning experience. We’re delighted to maintain our 100% Student Recommendation record, and November tuition programmes are open for booking NOW.

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30 years of Biff, Chip and Kipper… printed in China

29 June 2016

2016 marks the 30th anniversary of the Biff, Chip and Kipper stories, used in 80% of UK primary schools to teach children to read. Wouldn’t Bux love to have a success story like this?

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EU Referendum – Waterstones Jobs at Risk

15 June 2016

Here in the UK the news headlines are focused on the EU Referendum taking place on 23 June. This week James Daunt, Managing Director of bookshop chain Waterstones, made his concerns clear with an email to staff – an email every Bux employee / ICAEW Case Study Student should read.

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Going green – sustainability in publishing

11 June 2016

July 2016 ICAEW Case Study students who spend some time reading about the publishing industry in the UK will develop a good understanding of the language, drivers and pressures within that business world. Here’s how we got started.

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How do you learn?

1 June 2016

Using a model of learning developed by the ICAEW Deputy President, we show you what it takes to be the best Case Study student you can be.

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Ethics, Politics & the EU

12 April 2016

Neil and the rest of the Training-by-Eos team always read the news with an eye on the ICAEW Case Study exam. Even before the Advance Information is published you can be learning from real business news, preparing yourself for exam day. We take two issues in the press and show you how to look at them with the Case Study in mind.

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Ethics, ACA students & Mars bars

24 February 2016

There is an excellent example of “business ethics” in the news right now – the recall of Mars chocolate products across 55 countries following the discovery of a piece of plastic in a single chocolate bar. Find out how you can use this to help pass your ICAEW Case Study exam.

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