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Sample Material

Want to be sure of what you're buying? Take a look at our AI Masterclass trailer and exam material that our students used for their preparation in 2015.

Neil‘s Masterclasses

Take a look at Neil in action - watch our AI and Exam Technique Masterclass trailers.

Neil‘s AI Analysis

Neil's AI Analysis pack includes his AI Notes, Financial Statement Analysis, Business Issues and SWOT / Porter's Five Forces / PESTLE, all in a downloadable .pdf format. Take a look at a sample from Cyclone (November 2015)

Downloadable Mock Exams

Our mock exams are written to ICAEW standards by tutors who have all worked for ICAEW as part of the Case Study exam setting and marking team. With Illustrative Answers, Planning Sheets and Marking Keys, they are the best practice you can do.

Classroom Tuition

Find out more about our Classroom tuition programmes.

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Online Tuition

Find out more about our Online tuition programmes.

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Online Forums

All our tuition comes with access to online forums; ask us your question about our material right up until the evening before the exam.

Partner in Learning

Recognised as an ICAEW Partner in Learning, working with ICAEW in the professional development of students.