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8 January 2019

Ready to pass the Case Study in 2019?

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Happy New Year!

Ready to plan your route to passing the ICAEW Case Study in 2019? Our first blog of the year summarises the resources we offer to help you achieve your goal:

If you were unsuccessful in the November 2018 BM exam read our "What next" blog here, which shows you how to use ICAEW results material and our self analysis questionnaire to understand where you went wrong. Do this now, while BM is still relatively fresh in your mind, and plan your preparation for July. Most importantly, get your Marks Feedback from ICAEW and email it to us (info@training-by-eos.com) - we will review it free of charge.

If you are studying the Case Study for the first time in 2019 take a look at our free videos here - learn from an ex-Examiner how the Case Study is different from Technical Exams, and what you need to do to be ready.

If you are ready to book our July 2019 tuition programmes are open now, so get your preparation plan in place. We offer complete courses as well as top up tuition – choose which suits you from our London Classroom or our Online courses and packages. The first deadline is 7 May to get a head-start with the Exam Technique Principles Plus element of complete courses, and the associated videos/material are online now.

If you’re not sure which to choose contact us for our expert advice.