Top tips for passing ICAEW Case Study

It goes without saying that you must thoroughly understand how the Case Study business operates, be familiar with the Advance Information as if this was for your own business, and practise your exam technique using Mock Exams. 

But here's the thing.

When you are facing multiple deadlines at work, struggling with personal commitments and facing the stress of exams, it can be hard to know where to place your efforts. 

On this page we share tips from students who have been in your position, external organisations who understand the pressures of exams, and of course from ourselves as ICAEW Case Study specialists. 

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Understanding ICAEW Case Study Marking

What you need to achieve to pass the Case Study exam

Student Tips

We asked our students from November 2020 what advice or tips they would give to other students taking the ICAEW Case Study. Here is their valuable feedback.

"Start early. Case takes at least 3 months of practice."

Laura, Passed November 2020

"Follow the course as it's laid out and stick to the timings in the timetable."

Amrita, Passed November 2020

"The exam was very different to previous exams - be flexible and read the questions in the paper, not what you've seen in past papers."

Dominic, Passed November 2020

"Without self-hard work and preparation to pass the Case Study examination is almost impossible. The exam technique learning is key to pass the Case Study examination."

Nimish, Passed November 2020

" Submit all your mocks and review the feedback and make sure you have an easy to follow file on the day."

Adam, Passed November 2020

"The mock exams are vital to passing and help you prepare for the real exam."

Connor, Passed November 2020

"Understand the basic points in the marking scheme, so that if you panic in the exam like I did you can still hit those key points." 

Georgina, Passed November 2020

Pace yourself for ICAEW Case Study Success

Regardless of whether you are sitting the July or November ICAEW Case Study exam, you will already know the exam data you are working towards. So how do you avoid peaking to early or leaving everything to the last minute? Let us share our insight into how preparing for a marathon can be adapted to create a progressive study plan.
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Overcoming Setbacks

An article from CABA

If you are wondering what to do after failing the Beal Case Study exam, or you are struggling to stay motivated towards your study with so many other things going on, this article may help. Using Daniel Goleman's 4 elements of motivation, this article can help you get back on track.
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In today’s connected world we expect to have everything we need at our fingertips – whether you are running a client meeting or watching the latest episode of your favourite show, the likelihood is you will be using an app. We believe this should extend to your studies too.

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