ICAEW Case Study Advance Information “House Pride”

8 June 2021

The ICAEW Case Study Advance Information is now available. For the next 6 weeks, you will be getting to know House Pride and the UK building materials industry. Take a look at our guidance on getting started with the July AI.
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UK House Building ICAEW Advance Information

ICAEW Case Study exam preparation: Intentional rest

2 June 2021

Intentional rest is a key component within high performing teams. Take a look at how intentional rest can help you prepare for your ICAEW Case Study exam.
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Building on a strong foundation

Writing your ICAEW Case Study report in 4 hours

26 May 2021

You should have prepared your groundwork by now so now you need to focus on building stamina and speed when it comes to your ICAEW Case Study report. Take a look at our tips and challenge to help you get on track.
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The path to ACA

ICAEW Advanced Booking Window

19 May 2021

The ICAEW Case Study booking window opens on Monday 24 May. You only have 5 days to book your exam place so you need to be quick. Take a look at some of the considerations you should think of ahead on Monday.
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Building on a strong foundation

The path to ACA

12 May 2021

With less than a month to the release of July Advance Information are you certain you are on the right path? This week Richard Britten, one of our first students from July 2011, shares his story, insights and success.
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The path to ACA

The importance of a solid base

05 May 2021

In a little over a month ICAEW will release the Advance Information and your study time will be dedicated to getting to know the Case Study business. Take a look at how you can build on your base knowledge to create a strategy to pass.
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Building on a strong foundation

Resitting ICAEW Case Study?

28 April 2021

If you are one of the many ICAEW students that did not secure the pass you hoped for in the November Beal Case Study exam, now is the time to put together your plan for passing. Our simple 3 step thought process can help get you to where you need to be ahead of the July 2021 exam.
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ICAEW Case Study exam lady smiling will studying

The Final Hurdle

21 April 2021

Want to know what is happening with CBE? Looking for inspiration from ex-students? Our new magazine, The Final Hurdle, has been produced in celebration of our 10th year. It is free to download so please take a look.
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ICAEW Case Study magazine

Exam centre or remote invigilation?

14 April 2021

With the announcement of exam centres starting to reopen, it is likely that for the July ICAEW Case Study exam you will have a choice to make - exam centre or remote invigilation? Take a look at our blog for some things to consider when making your decision.
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ICAEW Case Study exam lady smiling will studying

The wrong side of Easter

7 April 2021

Just last week it was still March, and the Case Study exam felt a long way off. Suddenly we are in April and you should be focussing on how to prepare as your exam is now only 15 weeks away. Take a look at our blog to understand why the Case Study is different and what you should be doing to prepare.
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calendar and hourglass

Start your tuition risk free

31 March 2021

You know you should be starting your preparation for the ICAEW Case Study exam. But, with uncertainty around Covid and exam spaces limited, is hesitation holding you back from giving yourself the time you need for studying? We have a solution.
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ICAEW Case Study exam lady smiling will studying

Managing Your Case Study Preparation – There’s an app for that!

24 March 2021

In today’s connected world we expect to have everything we need at our fingertips. With this in mind, our Learning Support Team has been busy updating and improving our app to give you the tools you need, where you need to access them.
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Connected world through phone

ICAEW CBE – what’s it all about?

17 March 2021

This year ICAEW has released the new Computer Based Exam (CBE) software. Take a look at what is new and our handy video on how to start getting to grips with the new environment.
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ICAEW CBE Software

How racing drivers can help you master the ICAEW Case Study

10 March 2021

The Case Study exam requires both knowledge and application to pass. But what else is critical to success? In this week's blog we discuss what makes the difference between a good racing driver and a great one, and how this can be translated to helping you pass.
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racing driver preparing

What can I do now? Free resources to prepare you for the ICAEW Case Study

3 March 2021

Is this your year to secure your ACA? Have you started the preparation? There are some handy Case Study resources that you should be using now to build your confidence and avoid last-minute panic. The best news is - they are FREE!
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ICAEW Case Study examiners report

ICAEW Case Study Tuition – pre-recorded or live?

24 February 2021

The Covid pandemic meant that all ACA tuition moved online but should you be looking at live online classes or pre-recorded lessons? Take a look at this weeks blog where we take a look at the options and what you need to consider when choosing your tuition partner.
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Using feedback to find the best tuition partner for YOU

17 February 2021

There is a lot of information to process when you are looking at selecting your ICAEW Case Study tuition provider. A great resource to help you make your decision is student feedback but this is often overlooked. Read our blog on what to look for and how to use student feedback effectively to help you secure the right tuition provider for YOU!
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ICAEW Case Study Feedback

ICAEW Conference Update

10 February 2021

Last week the Training-by-Eos team took to Zoom to join the ICAEW Tutor Conference where we put your questions to the examiners, markers and ICAEW. Take a look at what you need to know for the July ACA Case Study Exam.
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Tools and tips to help you stay on track

3 February 2021

As a trainee Chartered Accountant you will be facing multiple deadlines and will be under a lot of pressure. It would be easy to put off thinking about your ICAEW Case Study exam for now, but this could cause more stress come exam time. Take a look at our tips on easy things you can do now to help you keep on track.
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Why do you need a high-performance team?

27 January 2021

Your ACA Case Study exam is the final exam of your career as a chartered accountant. At this crucial moment, you need to ensure that the team behind you know how to put you in the driving seat.
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Ask the Examiner

20 January 2021

This year the ICAEW Tutor Conference will take place online and we will be attending a series of workshops to get you the answers you need ahead of the Case Study exam. Take a look at our blog to see how you can submit your questions.
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Selecting your ICAEW Case Study tuition partner

13 January 2021

Your ACA career is within reach; your final hurdle is to pass the Case Study exam. With so much at stake, finding the right tuition provider is essential. Take a look at the questions you need to be asking to ensure you are with the right tuition partner for YOU.
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Building your future from the past

6 January 2021

If you failed the Beal Case Study exam, getting your ICAEW Marks Feedback is your first step in understanding what went wrong. But how do you translate it and create a plan of action for July 2021?
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Goals, Resolutions and your ACA

23 December 2020

Are you ready to make 2021 the year you pass ICAEW Case Study and gain your ACA? Take a look at our tips on getting started early to give you the best chance.
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Beal results day

11 December 2020

It is ICAEW Beal Case Study results day. Massive congratulations to all of you who passed. If you have not been successful there is a step you can take right now to start understanding why.
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ICAEW Beal Case Study Results Week

8 December 2020

While many are busy preparing for the Festive Season there’s another big day heading our way! That’s right, ICAEW Beal Case Study results day is Friday 11 December. Take a look at our tips to help minimise stress before Friday.
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Beal is over… how to survive the wait for results day

4 November 2020

Some people are able to walk away from the exam, drop their notes in a bin and head back to their non-study life without looking back. Great, but it is not that easy for everyone. Take a look at our advice on how to survive the wait for your result.
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Keeping things steady before your exam

2 November 2020

The November ACA Case Study exam has certainly kept us on our toes. With just 2 days to go, you may be feeling under-prepared and overwhelmed. Take a look at our top 5 tips to help you reduce the stress of exam day.
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It’s exam week… time to keep calm, and get the job done – right?

1 November 2020

Deep breathing and focusing on the task at hand works for some people. But what if staying calm is impossible, and your inability to be calm adds to your anxiety? Take a look at our tips on how to use that energy productively.
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Remain flexible in your approach

28 October 2020

You have spent weeks planning, answering Mock Exams and preparing your AI notes. But what happens on the day of the exam and the question requires you to look at things differently? Take a look at why you need to remain flexible in your approach to ensure you answer the question.
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Don’t get caught out – instructions to candidates

21 October 2020

It is now only two weeks until the Beal Case Study Exam. In this week's blog we cover some of the key instructions to candidates you need to consider ahead of your exam.
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Chasing the "right" answer

14 October 2020

So far, your road to ACA has been paved with exams marked out of 100, where there was a right answer and you were awarded your marks accordingly. In the Case Study exam, the "right" answer simply does not exist.
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Acknowledging and overcoming your weaknesses

8 October 2020

Weaknesses - we all have them. The important thing is to put in place an action plan that overcomes your exam technique weaknesses. In this blog, we cover the 3 common factors that affect your ICAEW Case Study exam technique.
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Cleaning up after Scour - your next steps

5 October 2020

If you were unsuccessful in Scour there is a short window for you to take action and get yourself prepared for the ICAEW Beal November Case Study exam. Take a look at our next steps to set you on the path to passing.
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Scour Results published

2 October 2020

Huge CONGRATULATIONS to all our students who passed the ICAEW Scour Case Study exam, the Training-by-Eos pass rate currently stands at 86.7%. Not successful? We have a plan to get you through in November.
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Building your working knowledge of Beal

30 September 2020

You have had a week to get to grips with the Beal AI, did you notice that there is far less numerical information for Requirements 2 and 3 than you would expect? So, what does this mean? It means your foundation MUST be strong so you are ready to deal with the financial data in the live exam.
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Hope for the best – prepare for the worst

28 September 2020

With the Scour Case Study results published this Friday we are certain that you are feeling that mix of pressure and worry as most students do when they are awaiting their results. Now is the time to be productive and plan for that "What if" using our simple tips.
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November “Beal” Advance Information now available

22 September 2020

For the next 6 weeks you are Ollie Phelps, a final-year trainee ICAEW Chartered Accountant, working in a firm of ICAEW Chartered Accountants. Your client is BEAL Publications Limited. It is time to learn all about Beal and the UK magazine publishing industry! Take a look at what you need to do.
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Scour Case Study exam - Our review

17 September 2020

With the ICAEW Scour Case Study exam paper published last week, we are confident that our students were adequately prepared for the exam. In this blog Neil Russell FCA shares his comments on the Scour Case Study exam.
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1 week to the AI – are you prepared to pass?

16 September 2020

It is now less than 1 week before you get to know your Case Study business. But are you prepared for the ICAEW AI release? Regardless of whether you are sitting for the first time or are a resit student take a look at our top tips to help you prepare.
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Laying the foundation of success

9 September 2020

Passing the ICAEW Case Study exam is as much about technique as it is about your knowledge. Just like foundations and architect drawings help create a solid home, having a practical understanding of how to approach the exam is vital for success.
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Planning for the ICAEW November Case Study exam

2 September 2020

It is less than 3 weeks before the ICAEW November AI is released. Are you comfortable on how to plan your studies and make the most of the time you have? Take a look at our top tips on setting your budget, how to plan, and what you should be doing now.
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How to overcome the Requirement 3 stumbling block

5 August 2020

In our experience Requirement 3 is the common barrier to passing the ACA Case Study exam. Taken by itself, Requirement 3 is not especially challenging. So why do so many fail this section? Take a look at our blog to find out what goes wrong and what you can do to improve your Requirement 3 mark.
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Top tips on your 4 week exam preparation

29 July 2020

With only 4 weeks to go until the Scour Case Study exam is your study on track? Take a look at our top tips on making the most of the next 4 weeks.
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Interpreting and building on your Mock Exam Results

22 July 2020

Whether you have undertaken just one mock exam so far, or a number of them, the important thing now is to understand your mark and, more importantly, how to use it to help develop your exam technique. Take a look at this week's blog on what you need to be aiming for.
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