ICAEW Case Study Tuition – pre-recorded or live?

24 February 2021

You have set your target – 2021 is the year you gain your ACA and you are ready to achieve this. But, when you consider that the release of the ICAEW Advance Information is 13 weeks away, have you really committed?

ICAEW Examiners Report

Ask yourself...

Are all the deadlines in your diary?

Have you secured your tuition partner?

Have you read the Examiners’ Report for the last exam?

Whether July 2021 will be your first attempt or a re-sit of the Case Study exam, the ICAEW Examiners’ Report is essential reading.

Discover common pitfalls like not being specific enough in answering the requirement set or not answering all parts of the exam – usually due to running out of time.  Commit now to learning the Training-by-Eos exam technique process and being confident applying it to any exam requirement.

ICAEW publish the Examiners’ Report and mark plan for previous exams on their website. The examiners tell you everything the November 2020 students should have done to pass, so schedule an hour to read this document and identify key learning points for your revision.

Case Study Resit Students

Self-analysis is a vital component of improving your technique for the 2021 ICAEW Case Study exam. You need to ask yourself some tough questions.

If you failed the November 2020 Beal Case Study exam, enrol on our free Beal Review Toolkit course now. Through videos, downloads and text Neil uses his expertise as the ex-Senior Case Study Examiner to identify the key pass / fail areas of the exam and show you how to analyse your performance.

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