Using feedback to find the best tuition partner for YOU.

17 February 2021

When selecting a tuition provider to work with for your ICAEW Case Study exam it is often easy to overlook one of the best resources to help you make your decision.

Student feedback.

The fact is these students have been in your position. They know the importance of selecting the right tuition provider.

What should you be looking for in the student feedback?

Firstly, don’t get caught up in the glowing testimonials that just say things like “great course” “very useful” or “thank you for your help, I passed”. As a tuition provider, these are lovely messages to receive but, for you as a student, they are quite meaningless.

Instead look for specifics that directly relate to YOUR circumstances – these might include…

Which materials did the student find useful?

Does the student mention whether they are a first-time student or a resit?

Are they an international student working with an international ICAEW Case Study specialist?

Also, look at whether the tuition provider readily shares tips from their students. These are a great insight into what has worked well for students on that course.

Lastly think about the timeframe of all the feedback you can see. Is it exclusively from the last exam? Or is it very old? As with many exams there can be a big jump in the overall pass rates for a specific cohort. By showing a selection of feedback over a number of exams you can see that the tuition provider is consistently performing and supporting their students.

We know the value of testimonials and tips. We appreciate that they may be a deciding factor for many of our students. It is for this reason that we include the testimonials and tips that we feel add benefit and answer some of the questions you may have or mirror your circumstances.

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