Tools and tips to help you stay on track

3 February 2021

No doubt about it, for a trainee chartered accountant this is a BUSY time of year. You have multiple deadlines and the pressure is on.

At this time it is really easy to just forget about your ICAEW Case Study exam, after all, it is 5 months away.

But here’s the thing…

Giving the Case Study some of your time now will allow you to develop good habits and reduce pressure in the weeks before the exam.

With this in mind, we have compiled some top tips and our favourite apps to help you get into pole position ready for July.

  1. Get your tuition booked now – you can then relax in the knowledge that you are not having to make a rushed decision. We currently have a price freeze on our Complete Case Study Preparation course so if you book by the end of February you will save £100 too.
  2. Note all the deadlines – whether you use a diary, a wall planner, or electronic calendar, get dates such as booking windows, exam dates and any tuition/submission deadlines in a visible place.
  3. Put measures in place to ensure you are looking after yourself – under the pressure of exam season it is easy to neglect your health and forget to take breaks. CABA offer guides and courses to help you so it is worth bookmarking their website.     
  4. Use tools to help you focus – You may well be used to using productivity tools in the workplace to help you minimise distractions but do you adopt this strategy when it comes to your study. Your time is precious so being able to focus on your studies ultimately means you have quality time to you. There are plenty of apps available that allow you disable notifications for a set period of time. So take a look and get used to them now.

If you have not yet done so you can download the Training-by-Eos app where we will share top tips and important diary dates to help keep your studies on track. The app is available for Android and iOS, just browse the store for Training-by-Eos.  


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