Selecting your ICAEW Case Study tuition partner

13 January 2021

Your ACA career is within reach; your final hurdle is to pass the Case Study exam.

With so much at stake, finding the right tuition provider is essential. Whether you are looking for a full ICAEW Case Study tuition programme, or you are looking for supplementary materials to boost your study, there are some key questions to ask yourself.

1. Who am I working with?

What skills and experience does the tuition provider offer when it comes to the ACA Case Study? Are they a Case Study specialist? Have they been a marker or an examiner specifically for Case Study? Is there a wider team supporting you and who else can you call upon? What are the pass rates? Are they responsive to your questions?

2. Student feedback

Look for student testimonials. These students have been where you are now and their insights are invaluable; find comments that address key concerns you may have. Is there anyone in your network has studied with that provider, and what can they tell you?

3. Course material and delivery

Is the course material clear and easy to follow? Does the delivery of this material suit you and your learning style? At Training-by-Eos all our courses are delivered online and on-demand. This wasn’t a decision forced on us by the Covid pandemic. We moved to a complete online model from November 2019 after many years of experience and understanding how Case Study students learn.

4. Feedback and review

It is not enough to just offer great material. Progressive study is fundamental in the Case Study as you are not only learning about a business. You need to learn a whole new exam style. Knowing how you performed in each Mock Exam, with marking that directly correlates to the key skills and competency grading used in the ICAEW marking scheme, along with analysis of where you need to improve will help you build your plan for passing. Does your tuition provider offer this? If not, where can you access this level of support?

Look for sample material 

Our recommendation to help you guide you through the above process is to shortlist your tuition providers and then look at their sample material.

Do they offer a sample for all key aspects of the course such as mastering the Case Study exam, analysing the Advance Information and Mock Exams?

Can you access the sample materials in a way that will show you how the course is delivered or is it just documentation? Do you get an insight into what being a student with that tuition provider would be like?

Does their sample material include feedback so you can see how they support you in improving your results?

This sounds like a lot of work just to find your tuition partner, especially at this busy time of year. But this investment will give you a feeling of preparedness and confidence, knowing you have a plan in place to pass the Case Study in 2021.

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