ICAEW Case Study Tuition – pre-recorded or live?

24 February 2021

When you are looking at selecting your ICAEW Case Study tuition partner, you need to consider the expertise on offer, your upcoming obligations and also your study needs to ensure both the material and the material delivery suits you. 

Pre-recorded or live?

The Covid pandemic meant all ACA tuition in 2020 was online. Many tuition partners, less experienced in online learning, elected to simply attempt to replicate their classroom sessions online. 

With the live classroom, you invariably attend a full-length session and although there may be a recording available later, the level of focus required for a live online class can be exhausting, unproductive and unnecessary.  

Our approach to online tuition is different. We made the decision to move to a complete online platform long before the Covid pandemic.  

The benefits of online tuitionThe benefits of pre-recorded lessons

Our extensive experience and positive feedback showed that our ACA Case Study students learn better when given regular and progressive tuition that can work around their available study time. This was the foundation of our online programme – quality material presented in bite sized lessons, accessed easily and viewed again as and when required. 

All our Masterclasses are pre-recorded so you have access to videos at a time of day that suits you – a lunch break, before work or in the evening. The courses are broken down into chapters and lessons so you can easily track your progress and pick up exactly where you left off. 

We make extensive use of activities and quizzes in our Masterclass videos, to keep you practising and applying exam technique. Recorded tuition means you can do these at your own pace, not waiting for others to catch up or feeling rushed along in a topic you don’t understand.

Our videos are based on the live AI and your mock exam results. Whilst we have an outline of topics to cover, the detail of what will be included isn’t decided until we see your results each week. Creating videos rather than running live classes means we can add extra sections without the fear of running over scheduled end times. 

Our online forums mean you can ask questions specific to each lesson, and these will be answered in the Masterclass videos. Having your questions in advance means we can see patterns in your concerns, and collate the questions logically when we answer them. If you are revisiting the videos to find a specific question and answer, they will be easy to locate.

Finally, as great as technology is, live classes are always a risk. If your online connection is lost, you will miss out. Worse, if a tutor’s connection is lost it is a problem for everyone. Recording our Masterclasses means that this is one less issue to deal with during your exam preparation. 

Next steps

It may feel that the July ICAEW Case Study exam is a long way off, in reality, those 5 months will fly by. 

Take a look at our course timetable and see how we meet YOUR Case Study tuition needs. 

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