Planning for the ICAEW November Case Study exam

2 September 2020

Are you taking the November ACA Case Study exam? Remember this is the last opportunity to do so on the existing CBE platform, due to be updated in 2021.

If you are, your exam planning starts here.

Over the coming weeks we will be comparing building your exam preparation to building a home – after all, this is your future you are preparing for.

Here are our top tips to get you started


When you start to build a home the first question is your budget. A good strong home requires a great foundation, strong walls, secure windows, and a robust roof. Your tuition is no different, by creating a budget now you are less likely to struggle when it comes to making decisions about topping up your studies.

How are you funding your course? Do you have a training agreement in place? Will you look for additional resources to enhance your study and further develop your technique and understanding of how to use the information presented in the AI?

Now is the time to look at all the suppliers and review their materials and support offered. We give you a full range of Sample Materials so you can experience the materials as they will be delivered.


Building a house follows a logical process. You cannot build the walls without the foundations in place, you cannot add a roof without the walls.  Our Complete Case Study Preparation starts with foundation of Exam Technique, and progressively builds on these skills using 4 mock exams based on the November Advance Information.

We are not naïve, sometimes life happens and you might face an unexpected obstacle to completing your foundation/preparing your AI notes/completing your mock exams. If you have a good structure in place you are far more likely to be able to adjust your plans without too much added stress.

Kick start your study

It is less than 3 weeks before the November Advance Information is released on 22 September and only 9 weeks before the exam.

Over the next 3 weeks you should look at making sure you are comfortable with the exam technique required for the ICAEW Case Study exam. 

If this is your first attempt you need to order the ICAEW Learning Materials and read the chapters that explain the assessment requirements and marking.


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