Laying the foundation of success

9 September 2020

It goes without saying you are a good accountant; you wouldn’t have reached this stage of the ACA if you weren’t. But passing the ICAEW Case Study is as much about exam technique as it is about your knowledge and skills. 

In the exam, you have just 4 hours to read the Case Study paper, plan your answer using your AI notes and the new information presented and then write your report. 

It is widely accepted that when you build a home you need a strong foundation to build upon so you limit the risks of cracks appearing or gaps forming. Alongside the foundation you will have a blueprint, a map on how to build your home to ensure everything is covered. 

As with building a home, having a strong, and practical understanding of how to approach the ICAEW Case Study exam and how it is marked (your foundation) and how to structure your answer in the way the examiner requires (your blueprint) is vital for success. 

Our Mastering Case Study programme covers the fundamental elements of Case Study Exam Technique, guiding you through how to analyse the Advanced Information, plan your answer and write your report within the time constraints of the exam. 

Those of you who put the effort into understanding and being confident with this now will have a big advantage when you start working on the November AI which is released on 22 September; you will be able to focus on your analysis and fine tuning your technique rather than starting from scratch.

Our Mastering Case Study course is available now and can be purchased as a standalone product or included free of charge in our Complete Case Study Preparation course.  

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