Top tips on your 4 week exam preparation

29 July 2020

With the Covid pandemic pushing out the date of the final exam, but ICAEW releasing the Scour AI as originally planned on 9 June, this has certainly felt like a long exam period.

But let us share something with you…

It is now only 4 weeks to go before the Scour Case Study exam!

So, how is your study coming along?

Referring back to our cornerstones blogs published in May, you should ideally be at a stage where you are practicing Mock Exams and taking the next steps to do these to time having built up your stamina already through your first 3 Mock Exams. Students on our Case Study Masterclass Tuition are ready for their Mock 3 results on Thursday, ahead of their final Mock Exam next week.

We know, however, that you may not be in this position. So what can you do now to make sure you are prepared?

1) Stick to a study plan

You need to treat your study time with the same respect that you would show a deadline at work. This is your future and your career. Block the time out in your diary and do not let others steal that time.

2) Practice

At this stage, you should be familiar with the Scour AI and you should be developing your understanding and familiarity by completing Mock Exams based on the Scour AI.

3) Use the tools

Use the ICAEW CBE software to complete your Mock Exams – this not only gives you a better working knowledge of the nuances associated with CBE, it also boosts your confidence ahead of the big day as you are comfortable with the environment.

4) Take time to analyse feedback

 If you have the opportunity to get a marking and feedback service, take it. We mark our Mock Exams to ICAEW standards and provide a comprehensive exam perform review against the competency grades required to pass the ACA Case Study exam. This is there to support you and provide a constructive platform to improve your technique. Analyse your feedback against your script and refine your plan for the next exam.

5) Rest

4 weeks will still give you enough time to prepare even if you are just starting now. Make a plan and include a bit of downtime so you are refreshed ready for the exam.

Looking for some extra support?

Scour Essentials Tuition

This set of key resources from our Case Study Masterclass Tuition programme has been designed for students working with other tuition providers, but want additional exam technique guidance from a Case Study expert and ex-ICAEW Examiner.

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