Hope for the best – prepare for the worst

28 September 2020

It’s a quote used by so many people from management gurus through to exam students and with good reason.

The fact is that, despite best efforts, sometimes things just don’t work out as expected.

With the Scour Case Study results published this Friday we are certain that you are feeling that mix of pressure and worry as most students do when they are awaiting their results.

Firstly – this is completely normal!

Secondly – we appreciate that Covid has disrupted the exam schedule and the fact that the AI for the November Case Study exam has already been released will be adding to the stress.

In fact, we have already had a number of students approach us asking “what if…?”

This is where that golden saying comes in. Hope for the best and prepare for the worst. You should not spend your days now worrying about the result; it is counterproductive and can inhibit your planning. Instead, be hopeful that you have passed but spend the next few days looking at what you need to do IN CASE you didn’t get that all important pass.

This is exactly what we have been doing. Our plan for helping students through this strange overlap between exams started when we knew there would be such a short window for the resit students to put their tuition in place.  

We have created a 4-week fast track course aimed specifically at students that did not pass the July Scour Case Study exam. This course will build on your base knowledge of exam technique and bring in our Beal AI Analysis for you to create comprehensive AI notes to then practice using our Mock Exams built on the Beal Case Study.  

Come Friday, if the result is not as expected you need to act immediately:

1. Get your Marks Feedback

This is readily available in your Training File on ICAEW and is one of the most valuable documents in understanding how to conquer the ACA Case Study exam.

2. Send us your Marks Feedback for review

As always we will be offering our free Marks Feedback Review service to ensure that you understand what went wrong for you in the exam and which areas you need to improve. There is no charge or obligation for this service.

3. Book your exam and tuition

ICAEW has a short window to get your resit exam booked so you need to do this as soon as you can. While you are at it, get your tuition booked and start the weekend on a positive steppingstone towards your ACA – our 4-week fast track course is available to start from results day.


It is never easy waiting for results and there really is nothing you can do now except hope for the best and plan for the worst. That is the purpose of this blog, to show you that you have an option should you need to put that plan in place.

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