Why do you need a high-performance team?

27 January 2021

Your ACA Case Study exam is the final exam of your career as a chartered accountant. We know how important this is – not just for your profession but also to unlock the lifestyle you want.

Following on from our popular blog on selecting your ICAEW Case Study tuition partner, this blog tells you about us and our values.

Building the right team to support you

If you consider a leading high-performance team such as Mercedes in Formula 1, you will notice each team member has a distinct role to play.

Of course, you have the engineers – the matter experts that know exactly how to build and fine-tune the car for optimum race performance. You have the team that monitor road conditions, circuit layout and other external factors that are fed back to the engineers. There is a team that looks after the drivers’ wellbeing, ensuring they have the information they need – exactly when they need it. Then there is the team that reviews performance and gives feedback on what went well and areas that need to be improved for the next race.

This high-performance team foundation is the basis of Training-by-Eos.

Our engineering team consists of 3 mock exam writers, all chartered accountants themselves, whose focus lies in creating the optimum exam material to prepare our students to pass the ICAEW Case Study exam. Our course director (and team manager), Neil Russell, led the ICAEW Case Study examining team as Senior Examiner for 12 years. During this time his team produced 25 live examinations and he led the development and design of the current Case Study exam format including the introduction of the competency-based assessment. There is no other tuition provider in the world that can offer this unique blend of expertise.

Leading the market forces team is Nicola and Sarah. Their shared expertise in marketing, customer relationship management, learning design and requirements of the ACA Case Study exam puts the student learning journey at the heart of everything they do.

Jen is our marking, feedback and reporting expert. Working with a team of 10 markers and utilising custom-built tools, Jen gives our students data-driven feedback on their performance to guide them on improvements they can make to pass.

Of course, there is one person missing. The driver.

In this scenario the driver is you.

We work hard behind the scenes to make sure everything is in place for you to perform at your best. Your job is to take the wheel, complete the circuit and give it the drive of your life.

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