Cleaning up after Scour - your next steps

5 October 2020

We have spent a very busy weekend celebrating with many of our students as well as supporting students who approached us after being unsuccessful in Scour.

The November Beal Case Study has two distinct aspects to consider: 

  1. There is a tight deadline. The AI has now been out two weeks and you only have 4 weeks to prepare for the exam. 
  2. This is the last opportunity to complete the exam using the current version of the ICAEW CBE software 


Next steps

1) Book your resit

For those of you who are eligible to resit you should have received a communication from ICAEW inviting you to book your exam. The booking window is very short (Tuesday 6 October 11.00 UK time – Wednesday 7 October 17.00 UK time) so make this your priority on Tuesday.

2) Marks Feedback Review 

Your next step needs to be getting your Marks Feedback which is instantly accessible through your ICAEW training portal. Sign up to our free Scour Marks Feedback Review and submit your Marks Feedback to us for a review so you can focus on what you need to change for November. 

3) Book your tuition 

We have created a 4 week fast track course, designed specifically for Scour resit students, to guide you through the AI analysis and your Mock Exams to equip you for the November sitting. 

Is 4 weeks enough time? 

The easy answer to this is yes. Our 4 week Complete Case Study Preparation course gives you the techniques and practice to pass. But your success is dependent on you making that commitment and prioritising your studies for the whole of those 4 weeks. No excuses or distractions, just get it done. 

Planning is essential. So, download the timetable and add the deadlines and study periods into your calendar. 

Complete Case Study Preparation 4 week timetable. 


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