Building your working knowledge of Beal

30 September 2020

It’s time to take a look at our building blocks and make sure we are on target to meet the critical deadline – the ICAEW Case Study exam.

Remember our building a home analogy from 9 September? 

The Beal exam is now just 5 weeks away and by now you should be comfortable with how to approach the exam and how it is marked, your foundation, as well as how to structure your answer in the way the examiner requires, your blueprint. Together this is your exam technique, and it is this that you will refine as you work through your Mock Exams.

You have had a week to get to grips with the Beal AI and you should by now, be well under way with your AI notes.

From reading the Beal Advance Information it struck us that there is far less numerical information for Requirements 2 and 3 than we would usually expect, there are no financial proformas for example.

So, what does this mean?

It means that this information will all be given on exam day.

OK, so what does THAT mean?

You need to be more confident than ever in your exam technique and knowledge of the AI. Your foundation must be strong, and you MUST practice your exam technique using Mock Exams built on the Beal Case Study.

Returning to our building analogy, we have the foundation and the blueprint, it’s now time to start building the walls.

Imagine each piece of information from the AI is a brick, you need to know and understand each brick so you can comfortably fit them together in the exam.

With the Beal Case Study, it is not enough to practice old Case Study papers, you MUST work with Mock Exams that are going to give you additional financial data and scenarios based on Beal so you can practice applying your knowledge of the Advance Information. The quality of the Mock Exams is vital, more so than ever before, as mock exam designers must use ICAEW style language and techniques for weaving financial information into the exam exhibits.

All our Mock Exams are available as part of our tuition programmes (including marking and detailed feedback) as well as standalone support materials. The standalone Mock Exams are ideal for students who may be in a study contract with another training provider, but who understand the benefit of refining their technique and familiarity with the Beal Case Study business through quality practice.

Only you can control the level of commitment you put into passing your Case Study exam and becoming a Chartered Accountant. The tools are available to you – you need to take that step, pick them up, and start building.


Our first Beal Mock exam will be released Friday 2 October. To find out more click here.


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