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6 January 2021

For most students, the Case Study exam is the final hurdle standing between them and Chartered Accountant status. For some, a fail in this exam can even result in termination of employment. 

There is no doubt about it, failing any exam is disappointing. When it is the ACA Case Study exam, it is that bit harder to take. 

If you did fail Beal, your first step is to understand where you went wrong. From your ICAEW Training File you can access your Beal Marks Feedback, telling you which of the 40 skills assessment boxes you missed. 

Deepen your understanding with our Beal Review Toolkit 

The Case Study is not marked in the same way as the other exams and so our interpretation of your ICAEW Marks Feedback will help you unpick the detail of competency based assessment.

In the broadest sense you need 50% competent grades (CC or SC) overall to pass, and 50% in each requirement as a minimum. You should also have more CC grades than SC grades and more IC grades than ID. 

Trying to juggle this along with the disappointment of failing Case Study is daunting and so Training-by-Eos has put together our Beal Review Toolkit to take you from perplexed to passing. This is completely free of charge and will give you;  

  • Full instruction on obtaining your Marks Feedback 
  • A review of your performance by ex-ICAEW Senior Examiner Neil Russell
  • Videos from Neil with his expert analysis of the exam, the examiners’ report and marking key to understand what examiners were looking for 
  • Guidance on how to use these to create a plan to pass in July 2021. 

By learning from your mistakes in Beal you can approach the July 2021 Case Study armed with a plan to pass.  

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