Beal Results Published

11 December 2020

Huge CONGRATULATIONS to all our students who passed the ICAEW Beal Case Study exam, it has been a fabulous afternoon so far receiving your emails and calls letting us know how well you’ve done. 

ICAEW has announced that they are no longer publishing the pass list and so we are relying on you to share your results with us. You can do this quickly and easily online. Send us your results

We know that not everyone has had good news today and we will be answering emails over the weekend so do get in touch to discuss your individual circumstances and concerns. 

Neil will be reviewing the ICAEW Examiners’ Report and Marking Key for Beal when it has been issued by ICAEW. In the meantime, you should sign up for our Beal Review Toolkit. This is a free course and will help you identify key pass/fail areas of the exam and analyse your own performance. 

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