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Masterclass Trailers

R4 Exam Technique Masterclass - Requirement 1

In this extract Neil talks about the problems of the sheer volume of numbers in the R4 Advance Information. How will you avoid spending too long on Appendix 1, and writing too much in your Requirement 1 report?

Advance Information Masterclass

In the AI Masterclass Neil will show you how to analyse the AI, sharing his unique insights and guiding you through exercises to put together your own AI notes. Approximately 3.5 hour video, a full day of work. Neil's own notes are included as part of the downloadable material.

Exam Technique Masterclass

Neil walks you through his Mock Exam based on the live AI, focusing on Exam Technique. Download the exam paper and work along with him as he shows you how to construct a passing script. Approximately  3.5 hour video, a full day of work.

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