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16 December 2018

Marks Review – is it worth it?

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"Is it worth getting the marks review?" is our most asked question in the week after results release. The disappointment of not passing is at its peak, and many students are struggling to understand why they were not successful.

The short answer is simple: probably not.

There are several reasons:

  • The administration processes around marks determination for the Case Study are thorough and well tested. We can personally attest to that, as both Neil and Sarah were influential in setting these up when they worked at ICAEW, and know the current staff have the same incredibly high standards. We've only heard of 1 error since the Case Study exam began.
  • The marking process is similarly well tested, and implemented by experienced marking and examining professionals. If you failed with a mark of 47 - 49 it is almost certain that an examiner has read your script and agreed that it is qualitatively, as well as quantitatively, not of a passing standard.
  • The likelihood of pages being missed or lost is extremely low. As long as you attached your pages together and numbered them - as is your responsibility - they will have been received and marked. And if you didn't fix your pages together, and haven't notified the ICAEW until now? There is simply nothing they can do at this late stage.
  • It is more likely that you did not answer one or more of the requirements as well as you thought you did. Right now that feels very harsh we know, but ICAEW have released their Examiners' Report and that is your chance to reassess your answer. We will write a blog that gives you the tools to do this.

So, our opinion is that it is not worth paying for the ICAEW Marks Review service.

Having said that...

If, once you've read the Examiners' Report, you still strongly believe something has gone wrong in your marking, the Marks Review will give you peace of mind. If you will always wonder if you should have passed then make your application, pay your £50 and set your mind at rest. For the November 2018 Case Study your deadline is 17:15 on 4 January 2019 - here is the link to ICAEW's form. The Examiners' Report and our blog will be available before Christmas so you have time to review the material and make your decision.

And what about the Marks Feedback Service?

The answer to that is yes, Yes, YES, you need your Marks Feedback! But that is a subject for another Blog.

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