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July 2018

Ways to pass - July 2018

Ready to pass the July 2018 ICAEW Case Study exam, Sequin Cinemas? Work with our expert tutor Neil Russell FCA. Neil was the ICAEW Senior Case Study Examiner for 12 years and has been teaching Case Study since 2011.

No other tutor can match Neil’s experience and expertise. 

Complete Tuition and Masterclasses

Join Neil in his Masterclasses in central London for 2, 3 or 5 days of expert tuition, with guided AI analysis, marked Sequin Cinemas mock exams and access to our online forums.

Online Courses and Packages

Our online courses and packages include Masterclass videos as well as downloads of all the material Neil uses in the Classroom, so even if you can't make it to London you can still learn from the expert. Ask questions anytime on our forums.

Pass Assist - AI Analysis, Mock Exams and Videos

Have another tutor but looking for some extra support? Sequin Cinemas AI Analysis, Mock Exams, and Masterclass videos are available separately; pick and choose the elements that you need to pass.

Online Forums

All our tuition comes with access to online forums; ask us your question about our material right up until the evening before the exam.

Sample Material

See video and material samples from previous Case Study sessions.

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Case Study Blog

Our blog is updated regularly with articles related to the Case Study exam and is freely available to all.

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Hands down, the EOS tuition service was both more informative and enjoyable than of the other courses I’ve been on (both case study and other exams).

Dilraj (passed
Nov 2014)

Partner in Learning

Recognised as an ICAEW Partner in Learning, working with ICAEW in the professional development of students.