12 September 2019

You need your Marks Feedback – here’s why

If you failed the Playfree exam it is essential that you request your Marks Feedback from ICAEW.

There is a charge - £25 - but this is the first investment you need to make in passing in November 2019. Case Study marking is complex, and you need to know where YOU went wrong.

Some tutor firms give mock exam marks as a %, but they do not calculate these the same way ICAEW do. ICAEW have a complex algorithm that takes into account the marks of the entire cohort, so is impossible for a tutor to replicate. You should know that as a minimum, you need 50% competent grades (CC or SC) overall to pass, and 50% in each requirement.

However, even this is sometimes not enough. You should have more CC grades than SC grades for example, and more IC grades than ID. There isn't a number of NA grades that automatically causes a fail, but if you have more than 3 you are not giving yourself a good enough chance of passing.

If you know and, most importantly, understand your grade profile it will give you a starting point for your November exam preparation. Send your Marks Feedback to us at and we'll help you interpret it free of charge.

Work with us

Our average pass rate for resit students is 25% higher than the worldwide equivalent. We have 4 Mock Exams based on the November AI, and marking is completed to ICAEW standards with extensive feedback. Book now and pass in November:

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