03 July 2019

Top Tips from Mock Exams

Our first set of Playfree mock exam marking is well underway, and even before results we have two top tips for you.

Top Tip #1 - DON'T use more than the width of the page

No paper means the freedom to create Appendices as wide as you want, right? Wrong! You should be able to view all columns of your Appendices without having to use the horizontal scroll bar. You will need to widen Column A, so that means you need to shrink or delete columns I, J and K.

There are 2 reasons for this. The biggest is that when you come to write up your report, you will merge cells. If your columns are too wide for the page you will constantly be scrolling side to side to read what you've written, and type a cohesive sentence. You're making things difficult for yourself - keep everything at page width.

The second reason is if you have to scroll sideways to read your paragraph, so does your marker. Imagine how frustrating that will become over 50 scripts. Make the marker happy to see your easy to mark script.

Top Tip #2 - DON'T delete rows

The ICAEW software is not as clever as Excel. If you delete a row from the middle of your appendix, any formulae that relate to that cell will no longer work - worse than that, it will still present an answer, but will refer to the wrong source data. You might notice, you might not. Markers can't see your formula, so they will simply mark the number as incorrect.

Open this example of the problem, and try it for yourself in the ICAEW CBE Software.

If you must delete, you should delete the contents of the cell and leave a blank row, rather than risk your other formulae.

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