11 June 2019

The July AI is available now

The long awaited July 2019 ICAEW Case Study Advance Information is available to download from the Case Study Resources page now.

For the next 6 weeks you are Daryl Ross, working for Kemp Crossley, a firm of ICAEW Chartered Accountants. One of your clients is Playfree Limited. Playfree designs playgrounds, installs equipment and provides inspection and maintenance services. Customers fall into two broad categories: schools & nurseries and leisure.

So, what now? Your first job is to learn about Playfree and the play equipment industry as if it were your own business. Those of you who have joined a course with us, either online or classroom, will receive specific guidance about conducting your analysis via our website on Friday. Most importantly; YOU must complete this analysis, YOU must understand the business. We will publish our work for comparison purposes but the first rule of passing the Case Study exam is stated clearly in the AI by the examiners:

You must carry out sufficient and appropriate analysis work of your own in order to have a detailed understanding of the Advance Information.

We have a couple of seats left in our Masterclass course and our Online material is open for all - see how we can help you beat the Case Study exam:

In the Classroom

3x Saturday Masterclasses focused on the Playfree AI