24 July 2019

Playfree is over… how to survive the next 5.5 weeks

We publish this advice after every exam so you may have seen it before... we will keep saying it though, because we always get told how helpful you find it.

It's over! So what now?

You've been working towards this moment for weeks, perhaps months. Now the Playfree Case Study exam is over, how are you feeling?

Some people are able to walk out of an exam centre, drop their notes in a bin and head back to their non-study life without looking back. Great, but it is not that easy for everyone.

You know that there is nothing more you can do, but you keep going over your answers in your head, wondering if you went down the right track. Wondering if you should have talked more about one point, and less about another. Were your numbers right? Did you spend too much time somewhere, not enough time somewhere else?

Having these thoughts running round and round your head for the next 5½ weeks will not be pleasant.

So, this is what we suggest. Write them down. Take a piece of paper or a new document and write down everything you did, everything you are worried about, everything you are wondering if you should have done. Don't forget the things you think you did well too.

Then file it with the rest of your Playfree preparation work, and put it away. Filed on your computer, buried at the back of the wardrobe, wherever; just get them out of sight. Email any concerns to us if you like - we'll be putting together Exam feedback for ICAEW's Assessment Committee this week.

You won't know until 30 August whether you are going to need to look at your notes again. If you do, you will have an excellent starting point for your next phase of revision. More likely, you can throw them away with a happy heart. Either way, all your negative thoughts are out of your head and in a safe place.

Special Consideration

If something happened on Exam Day that you believe had an adverse impact on your performance you can apply to ICAEW for this to be taken into account. Take a look at ICAEW's very specific guidelines to see if you are eligible. You must apply, with evidence, within 14 days of the exam.

You're done!

Now go and re-introduce yourself to your family and friends, enjoy the sun and your study free time!!