Ready to pass the July 2019 ICAEW Case Study exam?

Our expert Programme Director Neil Russell FCA has built online courses and London Masterclasses based on his unique experience. Neil was the ICAEW Senior Case Study Examiner for 12 years and has been leading Training-by-Eos Case Study tuition since 2011.

Classroom Tuition and Masterclasses

Join our Masterclasses in central London for expert tuition, guided AI analysis, marked July 2019 CBE mock exams and access to our online forums.

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Online Courses and Packages

Can't make it to London? Our online courses and packages include Masterclass videos, AI Analysis, CBE Mock Exams and even marking. Ask questions anytime on our forums.

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Pass Assist - AI Analysis, Mock Exams and Videos

Have another tutor but looking for some extra support? Playfree AI Analysis, CBE Mock Exams, and Masterclass videos are available separately; pick and choose the elements that you need to pass.

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  • Max (passed July 2017)

    Absolutely loved the course and I would be delighted to endorse it to anybody in the future.