16 May 2019

How ready are you for Case Study CBE?

Our new weekly CBE Blog has started - don't miss out on great tips to on how to improve your performance.

We will be releasing 8 new video blogs over the next 8 weeks to help students with the change to CBE. Our videos will provide you with CBE advice from the moment you start your exam to submitting your final answer.

Watch this week’s blog on what you can do now to prepare yourself for CBE.


Our IT team have built a full CBE environment which looks and feels like the ICAEW CBE system. This will enable all students taking our online mock examinations to have the full CBE experience. Online marking, time analysis and performance KPIs of your results will make it clear where you need to improve. We are confident this insight will help provide our students with the best opportunity to passing the case study exam.

As well as our CBE system and online mock exams, we can help you to beat the case study in other ways:

In the Classroom