26 September 2019

Getting started on Doughby

The November 2019 ICAEW Case Study exam Advance Information is here - and it's making us hungry!

Exhibit 2 starts in the Neolithic period, 12,000 years ago, but don't be put off; by the second page we are well into the details of the bread market. As you get used to acronyms such as BV, MG and A&S (the examiners use them so yes, you can use them in the exam as a time saver) you will notice there is plenty of detail to find your way through. We have:

  • A large revenue and GP matrix
  • Low OP
  • A bank loan to deal with alongside poor cash flow
  • Quarterly bank reporting (and did you spot when the detailed review meeting is, including management accounts, strategy and prospects? Page 22)
  • Importance of IT systems
  • Marketing methodology
  • ..... and a lot more

So you 'knead' (sorry... our office is full of baking puns) to get to work on your first task for passing the Case Study exam - understanding the AI as if it were your own business.

Our AI guidance will be published tomorrow for those of you signed up to work with us; there are a few spaces left in the Classroom sessions and of course Online tuition or material is available for all.

Work with us:

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