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New to the Case Study exam? Not sure about CBE? Take a look at our videos.

How to prepare for your Case Study exam (12 mins)

Neil, our Programme Director and ex-ICAEW Case Study examiner, summarises the best way you can prepare for your Case Study exam.

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Case Study as a Computer Based Exam (CBE) (8 mins)

Sarah, our Operations Director and ex-ICAEW Deputy Assessment Manager, shows you how to prepare for Case Study as a CBE.

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Take a Tour of Our CBE System (9 mins)

Computer Based Exams are an opportunity to analyse exam behaviour. We've added saving, time/word count recording and online marking to our ICAEW style Mock Exams.

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How ready are you for Case Study CBE? (8 mins)

You need to practice CBE before the Advance Information is released - our tutor George tells you how.

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Interpret Your Marks Feedback Review (6 mins)

Neil talks you through a Sequin Marks Feedback, showing you how to identify areas for improvement. Send any ICAEW Marks Feedback document to us at for a free review.

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  • EJ (passed July 2016)

    You, perhaps subliminally, teach the psychology of case at the same time which I think was as important as understanding the marking grid.