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Free videos

Free ICAEW Case Study preparation videos; be ready for CBE

How to prepare for your Case Study exam (12 mins)

Neil, our Programme Director and ex-ICAEW Case Study examiner, summarises the best way you can prepare for your Case Study exam.

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Case Study as a Computer Based Exam (CBE) (8 mins)

Sarah, our Operations Director and ex-ICAEW Deputy Assessment Manager, shows you how to prepare for Case Study as a CBE.

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Take a Tour of Our CBE System (9 mins)

Computer Based Exams are an opportunity to analyse exam behaviour. We've added saving, time/word count recording and online marking to our ICAEW style Mock Exams.

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How ready are you for Case Study CBE? (8 mins)

You need to practice CBE before the Advance Information is released - our tutor George tells you how.

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First 5 minutes of the exam (10 mins)

Settling your nerves in the first 5 minutes of the exam can be the difference between passing and failing. We show you what to do.

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Structuring Appendix 1 in CBE Environment (15mins)

Appendix 1 is your first big Case Study hurdle – completing it to time will keep you on track to passing. What’s your strategy?

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How Will Planning Change in CBE? (11 mins)

The move to CBE has made answer planning more important than ever. George explains the potential pitfalls, and how to avoid them.

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Structuring your Report in CBE (11 mins)

Watch George demonstrate how to use headings, design your layout and minimise the risk of losing work. He also covers how to deal with spelling mistakes.

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Executive Summary (7 mins)

How to use copy/paste, and most importantly EDIT, to pass your Executive Summary

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Using Mock Exam results to improve (12 mins)

Guidance on how to use your Mock Exam results to understand where you can improve.

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CBE Summary & what to do before exam day (13 mins)

A summary of all our videos, and final CBE preparation.

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Interpret Your Marks Feedback Review (6 mins)

Neil talks you through a Sequin Marks Feedback, showing you how to identify areas for improvement. Send any ICAEW Marks Feedback document to us at for a free review.

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  • Tom (passed Nov 2018)

    I had sat the exam twice before but this was the first time i felt like I knew what i was trying to do! That reflects excellently on the teaching.