09 May 2019

Exciting CBE News

The ICAEW practice CBE software is great for mimicking the real exams with past papers, but what about mocks based on the July 2019 AI? And isn't there more feedback available now answers are typed?

These are the questions we asked ourselves after the Tutor Conference. And after some serious efforts by our IT team, we have a solution for both.

The Training-by-Eos CBE system includes exam analysis tools that tell you:

  • How long you spent on each exam task (appendix, planning, writing) by Requirement / ES
  • How many words you wrote in each section

We will publish all our July 2019 Mock Exams through our CBE system

No pdfs, no trying to use multiple windows to complete your answer - you will have a full CBE experience, including additional time if you're eligible. Even our marking is online; once you've submitted your script your marker can access it. Online marking means easy analysis of your results; it will be very clear where you need to improve.

Unlike the ICAEW CBE, we also have a 'save' functionality - if you don't have time to complete a 4 hour exam in one sitting you can come back to it as many times as you like.

Watch our CBE Tour to see the tools and benefits in action

The Training-by-Eos CBE system is available now for those of you using our Exam Technique Principles programme to get a headstart.

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