29 October 2019

Exam Flexibility for Success

Most of you have finished mock exams by now, and are waiting for your last set of results before the ICAEW Doughby Case Study exam on 6 November.

We've given you plenty to practice with - 4 full Doughby mock exams - and now it's time for your final preparation. Remember, mock exams have two purposes:

  1. To test your AI knowledge
  2. To practice and test your exam technique

Mock exams are NOT a prediction or a guess at ICAEW's real Doughby exam requirements. We are realistic - we explore future areas signposted in the AI document - but we are not trying to guess what the examiners will do.

This means that you must remain flexible in your approach to the exam on 6 November. You can have a pro-forma Appendix 1, you have your AI analysis and strategy planning sheets, but these are all tools. A critical success factor will be picking the right tool, and applying it to the problem presented to you on the day.

If that means abandoning one element of preparation you spent hours on, then do so without regret.

If it means adapting your pro-forma or thinking about customers or suppliers in a different way, know that all the work you have done is not wasted, but has prepared you for this moment.

You are about to qualify as a Chartered Accountant; this is your chance to show the examiners you are ready. Do this by answering the question they have set, not the one you want to answer.

Not yet working with us?

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If you like what you see, our Doughby Mock Exam material is available online now - get immediate online access to Exams, illustrative planning sheets, illustrative answers and ICAEW style marking keys, along with a Forum to share ideas and ask questions.

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