07 October 2019

Doughby AI Masterclass

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who came to our ICAEW Doughby Case Study AI Masterclass on Saturday - your participation made it a very enjoyable day. It was great to see how well prepared you were after following our AI Guidance, and all the work you did on Saturday can be added to your files ready for the Mock Exam walk-through in Exam Technique Masterclass on 12 October.

The videos and material are all available to view via your resources page now, including our AI Analysis material (being uploaded today). For anyone who missed out, the Doughby AI Masterclass tuition videos are available here.

We identified the following themes in the Doughby AI:

  • Strong revenue growth for brown bread and A&S
  • White bread and MG declining
  • Impact of healthy living
  • A&S is the ‘star’ – can it be developed?
  • MG viability
  • OP% - 0.9% is very low and very sensitive to GP change
  • Bank covenant - £0.5m minimum OP
  • Weak BS – debt / equity 49.7%, +£36k overdraft = 50%
  • Cash is the overriding concern

How do these themes fit in with the work you have completed so far? What might happen in the future (say around 6 November) that would impact these?

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