31 October 2019

Constructing your Executive Summary

To pass the Doughby Case Study exam you must pass all 3 Requirements and the Executive Summary.

With the introduction of CBE, this is more than knowing what to include. You must be ready with a methodology to bring your key points over to tab 1, using as little exam time as possible.

Remember, ICAEW examiners are very clear that:

  • copying and pasting answers from the requirements without editing OR
  • copying and pasting your conclusions and recommendations without editing

is not good enough to pass.

Watch our Executive Summary video now, and perfect your technique.

Doughby Mock Exams Available

Try our FREE Doughby Requirement 2 exercise available to download here.

If you like what you see, our Doughby Mock Exam material is available online now - get immediate online access to CBE and PDF Mock Exams, illustrative planning sheets, illustrative answers and ICAEW style marking keys, along with a Forum to share ideas and ask questions.