07 May 2019

Book TODAY – deadline

Wait, didn't the November results come out just a couple of months ago? Nope, it was 5 months ago and the July exam is looming. Time to get prepared.

Today, 7 May, is the first deadline of our July 2019 courses - Exam Technique Principles (ETP) Plus. If you sign up to our Complete Classroom or Complete Online programme by the end of today you will benefit from having one or more Sequin Mock Exams marked to ICAEW standards.

There is no better way to get to grips with your exam technique, whether you are a resit student with a long gap in studies, or you're taking the Case Study for the first time. Getting this done before the July AI is issued will give you the headstart you need to pass.

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Get in touch to discuss holding a course place for you - these are limited and based on individual circumstances. We want to help, so talk to us if you're feeling unsure.