07 June 2019

Are you ready for the Advance Information?

ICAEW will publish the July 2019 Advance Information on Tuesday 11 June. You have one final weekend before you must immerse yourself in whatever company and industry the examiners have come up with.

So what should you do to be ready?

  • Be familiar with the ICAEW CBE system. We've been talking about it for months; this is your last chance to learn it without distraction.
  • For those of you on the Complete Tuition courses - make sure you have watched ALL the Exam Technique Principles videos, and preferably completed a Sequin mock exam. Monday is the deadline for submission.
  • Watch our CBE Vlogs. Presented by our tutor George, they cover everything you need to know about mastering CBE.
  • Sign up to this Blog and download the Training by Eos App for Apple and Android from your App store - it's free, and you'll receive alerts every time we publish Case Study exam information.
  • Check your exam booking - have you made this yet? Remember the centres will all be new; there are more of them but less seats in each, so make sure you choose the best for you.

We have a couple of seats left in our Classroom course and our Online material is open for all - see how we can help you beat the Case Study exam:

In the Classroom