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    We are all Case Study specialists with ICAEW exam setting and marking experience giving you the skills you need to pass

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    Our Pass Rate is +25% higher compared to the ICAEW equivalent

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    We have worked with 3,100+ students across 41 countries since 2011

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    Recognised as an ICAEW Partner in Learning, working with ICAEW in the professional development of students


    1 Our CBE platform
    We have created our CBE platform, which is more than a replica of ICAEW's - additional tools help analyse your performance.
    2 Marks Feedback review
    The ICAEW examiner has described the marks feedback service as ‘worth its weight in gold’. We will interpret your marks grid for you, for free.
    3 Mock Exams
    Our ICAEW experienced team will write 4 mock exams based on the November 2019 Advance Information. We provide you with an illustrative answer, planning and ICAEW style marking key for each exam.
    4 Outstanding material
    Want to know what you are getting? Take a look at our past videos and material.
    5 Ongoing support
    Whether you are working with us in a Classroom programme, an Online programme or using our Pass Assist material, our structured and moderated forums are available 24/7.
    Our CBE platform

    With the introduction of CBE, you can use our technology to significantly enhance your learning. Our CBE platform replicates the ICAEW exam software and provides you with detailed information about your performance during the exam and the quality of your answer.

    Our Exam Performance Management (EPM) software will tell you:

    • How much time you have spent on each part of your mock exam; effective time management is critical to passing
    • How many words you have written in each section of your answer; you must write a balanced report to pass
    • Your competency grade profile for each section of your answer; you must pass each section to pass overall
    • Your competency grade profile for each of the 4 skills; you must demonstrate all 4 skills to pass
    • How you are progressing through your mock exams and the areas that you need to improve to pass.

    CBE Mock Exams are critical to developing your exam technique and building your confidence.

     Try our CBE

    Use our CBE with our sample exam, Playfree Mock 1

     Classroom Tuition

    Look at our November 2019 Classroom Tuition

     Online Tuition

    Look at our November 2019 Online Tuition

    Marks Feedback review
    Knowledge is power – if you failed the Case Study you need to know why. The information from ICAEW’s Marks Feedback Service costs you £25, but you need to be able to interpret it in order to understand how to improve in order to pass.

    Email yours to and Neil will review your results, showing you the areas you need to work on. This is a completely free service available to all Case Study students.
     Neil on interpreting Marks Feedback

    Watch Neil explain how to interpret ICAEW Case Study Marks Feedback.

     Get your ICAEW Marks Feedback

    Apply for your Marks Feedback from ICAEW today.

    Mock Exams
    Only Training-by-Eos Mock Exams are written by a team all of whom have ICAEW Case Study exam setting and marking experience, so you know you are getting the very best. Practising using Mock Exams is an essential part of your preparation:
    • It tests your AI knowledge – can you write your answer only referring to your notes, rather than the AI itself? Are your notes well organised – can you find the information you need quickly?
    • It enables you to refine your exam technique, so that on 6 November you are confident in your decision making and approach to each requirement.
    However, your practice must be purposeful – just doing the exams is not enough. You must spend time reviewing the illustrative answers and the marking keys to understand what you have done well, and making a plan to address what you have not done well enough.
     Sample Mock Exam Pack

    Download our sample pack of a Mock Exam, illustrative planning, illustrative answer and ICAEW style marking key for the Playfree (July 2019) exam.

     Doughby Requirement 2 Exercise

    Use our free Doughby Requirement 2 exercise pack as part of your preparation for November 2019 exam

    Ongoing support
    Studying for the Case Study exam can be lonely whether you are working in a classroom or online. Most of your study will be done away from others and getting stuck can feel like the end of the world. Our online forums are always available to you. Structured by useful topics, it is your opportunity to ask questions, share ideas and collaborate with your peers. Tutors are always on hand to keep you on track, but they are your forums so make them relevant to the problems you are having. The forums are open until 6pm the day before the exam, so join our community now.
     Classroom Tuition

    Join our London classroom

     Online Tuition

    Join our Online programmes

     Pass Assist

    Need some extra support? Choose from AI Analysis, Mock Exams and videos.

    Complete Online
    "Passed Case!!! A massive thank you for your help, wouldn't have done it without you guys"
    July 2018
    Exam Marking
    "I am really impressed - proper time and effort has gone into the marking and giving us analysis that we can use"
    July 2019
    Complete Classroom
    "I had sat the exam twice before but this was the first time i felt like I knew what i was trying to do! That reflects excellently on the teaching."
    November 2018
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