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Free Videos

An introduction to the Case Study exam (10 mins)

A 10-minute introduction covering:

  • an outline of the exam
  • a summary of the requirements
  • how the exam is marked

How to prepare for your Case Study exam (12 mins)

Neil, ex-ICAEW Case Study examiner, summarises the best way you can prepare for your Case Study exam.

8 Themes from the Bespoke Monogramming Financial Statement Analysis (3 mins)

In this short extract from our BM Advance Information Masterclass, Neil summarises the Requirement 1 session with 8 FSA themes. Does your AI preparation work cover all of them?

Marks Feedback Review (6 mins)

Neil talks you through a Sequin Marks Feedback, showing you how to identify areas for improvement. Send any ICAEW Marks Feedback document to us at info@training-by-eos.com for a free review.

Classroom Tuition

Find out more about our Classroom tuition programmes.

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Online Tuition

Find out more about our Online tuition programmes.

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Case Study Blog

Our blog is updated regularly with articles related to the Case Study exam and is freely available to all.

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