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3 November 2018

Final push – BM Case Study exam

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Here we are with the Bespoke Monogramming exam looming - along with other Advance Level exams for some of you.

How are you spending your last few days of revision? It is easy to bury yourself in books, but our first tip is to look after yourself. Starting the exam week tired is not a good move, so if you need to rest then rest. Eat well, get some fresh air, do something that relaxes you.

When you are studying, keep focused. No flicking through the AI or your notes, skipping through tutor material. You've done enough analysis and enough practise to know your own weaknesses; find a way to actively address these. For example -

  • Can't write Appendix 1 in 20 minutes? Use all the mock exam / AI material to practice until you can.
  • Never quite sure which point to bring forward to the Executive Summary? Review illustrative answers and identify a pattern to follow.
  • Struggling with Requirement 3? Look at your marking key and see precisely where - which box did you get an IC in? What else could you have added? Remember, in Requirement 3 most of the information you need is going to be in the exam paper, your job is to feed this back to the examiner in a useful way.

Finally, picture yourself in the exam hall. Make sure you know exactly what you will be doing for every moment of both the exam and the time around it - the basics like getting to the hall, making sure you arrive in time, keeping calm as you sit at your desk waiting for the exam to begin. There should be no surprises on 7 November, no big decisions to make.

Remember how far you've come, since 25 September (when you presumably knew very little about monogramming) and since you started your ACA qualification. This is your last hurdle, and you can meet the challenge.

Everyone at Training-by-Eos wishes you all the very best for Wednesday.

Pass Assist

Our Pass Assist material remains available with immediate downloads and an associated web forum to ask questions until Tuesday 6 November at 6pm GMT.

  • AI Analysis material
    • FSA, AI notes, Business Issues, SWOT, Porter's, PESTLE
  • 3 x BM Mock Exams
    • Exam paper, illustrative planning sheets, illustrative answer, marking key
  • 2 x Masterclass videos
    • AI Masterclass - check your AI preparation using our classroom exercises
    • Exam Technique Masterclass - Neil shows you step by step how to answer the Case Study exam, using BM Mock Exam 1