Why use the Doughby Review Toolkit?

If you were unsuccessful in Doughby, the ICAEW November 2019 Case Study exam, you need to understand why. Using our toolkit you will:

  • Find out that there were no surprises in the exam
  • Identify the key performance differentiators
  • Recognise which competency boxes on the marking key were easier to get
  • Understand the questions you should ask yourself about your Doughby performance
  • Know what to do next

What's included?

Through video, downloads, text guidance and discussion opportunities, Neil will use his expertise as the ex-Senior Case Study Examiner to identify the key pass / fail areas of the exam and help you analyse your performance.

  • Instruction on how to obtain your free ICAEW Doughby Marks Feedback and get your free interpretation of your performance from Neil

  • Neil's analysis of the Doughby Exam, Examiners' Report and Marking Key to understand what the examiners were looking for

  • Guidance on how to use your Marks feedback alongside Neil’s analysis to create a plan to pass in July 2020

Let's go!