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11 January 2019

Case Study CBE – Don’t panic!

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ICAEW will move the Case Study to Computer Based Exams in July 2019. We know that some of you have not taken any CBE exams with ICAEW, and those resitting are wondering what difference CBE will make to the Case Study.

So far ICAEW have not released any sample Case Study CBE. However, we have consistently been assured that the exam itself will not change, only the way candidates enter and submit their answer. We are expecting that syllabus, exam format (Advance Information and Exam Paper with exhibits) and answer format (i.e. a report with an Executive Summary, 3 Requirements and appendices) will all be the same.

There is a full day dedicated to Case Study CBE at the ICAEW Tutor Conference on 7th / 8th February 2019, and we will be in the front row; as soon as we have the examiners' guidance we will share this with you. All our online and classroom courses will be updated to ensure your practice is as close to the real exam experience as possible.

What can I do now to prepare?

Take a look at ICAEW's CBE guidance to get some familiarity with the software. If you have any questions please get in touch and we will make sure they are answered at the conference.

Ready to book your tuition?

Our July 2019 tuition programmes are open now, so get your preparation plan in place. We offer complete course as well as top up tuition - choose which suits you from our London Classroom or our Online courses and packages.